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Principles of caring for health professionals and healthcare institutions working with pregnancy and its anomalies (Revised Aug 6, 2020)

The Statement on The Biblical View of Unborn Life and its Implications for Abortion, (statement) was voted at Annual Council in October, 2019. This statement was the result of a collaborative effort between the Biblical Research Institute (BRI) and General Conference Health Ministries (GCHM). At that time, GCHM was tasked to provide protocols and principles of caring for the clinical setting, which was done. In order to eliminate confusion that may arise from having two separate documents, and following extensive consultation with General Conference administration and others, the decision has been taken to affirm the voted Statement as the guiding principles relating to working with pregnancy and anomalies arising therefrom.

Adventist healthcare institutions prize human life and do not perform elective abortion. In all situations, including rare and extreme cases, where human conception may produce pregnancies with fatal prospects and/or acute, life-threatening birth anomalies, presenting individuals and couples with exceptional dilemmas, Adventist hospitals, healthcare institutions and health professionals are urged to do everything possible to save and preserve the lives of mother and baby; both are precious in God’s sight. The ultimate decision in such cases may be left to the conscience of the individuals involved and their families, at the same time respecting the doctor-patient relationship, within the framework of the Statement. Caregivers and institutions should provide grace-filled pastoral care and loving support to families facing these difficult decisions.

The institutional ethics committee of each institution is urged to study and apply the principles in the Statement to the daily maternal and childcare practices in that institution.

The aim and goal of Adventist healthcare institutions is to offer grace-filled healthcare to all, and in all situations. In so doing, we are to uphold and cherish the sanctity of the lives of mothers and babies as we extend the healing ministry of Jesus in this broken world.

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